Saturday, March 31, 2012

Small Wooden Pallet Table

I have seen so many awesome ideas for wooden pallets recently from various sources. My husband said that he could get free pallets from work so I decided to try my hand at a project today. I went with a small pallet table for near my pool area. It was fairly easy and only took a few hours from start to finish.

My husband got about 15 pallets from work and we used some to make a raised garden bed which I will be posting about tomorrow. Pick a pallet that has nice and even wood planks on top so the top of your table will be smooth and even.

I cut one pallet in half with my circular saw to start with.

After you have your length and width determined find a pot or basin to fit inside the pallet top. You will want to cut a hole in the top layer of the pallet about 1/4 smaller than the rim of the basin so the lip of the basin will rest on the wood.

I know this sounds really dumb but the only thing I could find laying around that was the perfect size was the wash basin I was given in the hospital when I had my son. Whatever works, right?

For the legs you will need a 4x4x8' post. Cut this into 4- 2 foot sections with your saw.

Get your level our and make sure they are all even so you don't have a wobbly table. It would be a tragedy to knock over a mojito or pina colada in the heat of summer :)

nail all of the legs together through the tops and the sides. You should have a minimum of four nails in each leg.

In the mean time take a picture of any cute babies laying around your backyard.

Next I broke off 4 slats from the other half of the pallet to use as a border and stability pieces for the table. The slats should already be the length of the table to just nail them on for a trim piece.

Here is the table on its side the the trim piece goes around the top. (I hope this makes sense)

Once you have the trim and stability pieces on paint the table and add your basin. Voila!!



  1. That is so neat!!! Creative you are. I like that it was recycled from a pallet. The green is very pretty =) Nice going!