Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Big Brother

Just a little blurb about my super cool brother. Well for starters his name is Christopher and he is 15 months older than me. When we were younger everyone always asked my mom if we were twins. We both had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and we were pretty much the coolest kids on the block. He had me beat just a little because he liked to pretend he was G.I Joe and jump off balconies and drive hot wheels trucks down flights of stairs. He use to hog tie me to our bunk beds and experiment all of his new tricks on me.

Twenty something years later he is still pretty cool. He is a
massage therapist, artist, musician, yoga teacher, and the best big brother ever.



  1. And the best husband a girl could ever ask for =) I feel incredibly blessed to have married into such a lovely family!

  2. I am very blessed to have the greatest children, son and daughter-in-laws and grandson in the world. I am very proud of you ALL!!! All my love to you Brittney....Mom