Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I Love This Thursday

Anything to make daily life sail just a little smoother. Here are a few DIY ways to get your goodies off of the floor, get them out of plain view and just to make life a little more simple. Who couldn't use that, right?

Chalkboard paint on pantry door. When you empty something, write it on the grocery list on one side and make a menu/dinner requests on the other
Via Salt Water Wishes

Baby food jars or mason jars are a great way to store all of those little nails, screws and tidbits you have laying around

Store books with out taking up space with a whole bookshelf.

Don't have an attic? Make one! Store your large totes overhead in your garage or basement with a few pieces of wood and plastic totes.


Via Grossgrain
Via Denise In Bloom

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