Monday, February 13, 2012

Spring Is 36 Days Away

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 marks the first day of Spring. For the gardeners out there, it is time to start thinking about which seeds to plant this season and the layout of your crops. Last year my husband and I purchased our first home and decided to invest in fruit trees since we have no intentions of moving anytime soon.

After doing our research we decided to go with Willis Orchard Company. We ended up ordering the following:

Product Information
NameSizeQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
Royal Apricot Tree3-4' (Order for Fall/Winter '11 Delivery)1$12.95$12.95
Persian Mulberry Tree1-2' Tall (Order for Fall/Winter '11 Delivery)2$9.95$19.90
Sierra Beauty Apple Tree2-3' (Order for Fall/Winter '11 Delivery)1$8.95$8.95
Elberta Peach Tree3-4' (Order for Fall/Winter '11 Delivery)1$9.95$9.95
Burgundy Plum Tree3-4' (Order for Fall/Winter '11 Delivery)1$9.95$9.95
Chandler Strawberry Plant25 Plants (Order for Delivery 1st Week of November '11)1$16.95$16.95
Indian Summer Red Raspberry Plant2 Year (Order for Fall/Winter '11 Delivery)1$3.95$3.95
Climax Blueberry Plant3 Gallon (2-3yr.)(2-3' Tall)(Shipping Now - Sale)1$9.95$9.95
Total Item Cost:$92.55
Shipping Cost:$23.14
Total Cost:$115.69

In our house we eat lots of fruits and vegetables. It was a big investment up front, however, after thinking to myself, I spend over $100 in one summer on fruits and these trees would be around for several years. In addition to our fruit trees I have also plotted a 20x40 rectangle of our yard to have a nice big garden. Here are some items of inspiration for my garden.

Zone Chart Via Willis Orchard Company

Make-Shift Greenhouse Via GardenWeb

DIY Seedling Pots Via Cottage Hill

Plant Markers Via Etsy

Via Frugal Living NW

Via Select Organic

For Those With Small Spaces Via Apartment Therapy

Via Hero Farmers
Once the crops start rolling in I am sure I will be canning and giving away lots and lots of produce.
Happy Gardening!!!

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  1. Love your fruit tree invoice! That is so exciting. Thanks for the inspiration pics. I've run out of room and the small space project from Apartment Therapy looks like it would be the perfect way to expand my garden!