Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet Celeste From Life As Twiggy!

Hi there readers! I'm Celeste from Life as Twiggy blog. Today I'm super excited to share a few photos I took while I was shopping for an order's supplies. The other day I received a few custom orders of baby shower invitations off my Etsy shop, Ruby Key. Here are a few photos of things that inspire me to continue to do what I love.
FABRIC// I love the different patterns & colors that each fabric has.
BUTTONS//  I have a small collection of different buttons because I love how tiny & cute they are. A baby shower invitation wouldn't be as cute without a button, right?!
PAPER// last but not least... colored paper! There's something about buying paper in bulk that I love. The thought of having different colors and sizes to work with inspires me so much.
You can find my baby shower invitations here. In the past I have also used pink & blue polka dotted fabric. Thanks so much for having me!

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